delivered to me orally by Mr Murdstone and begins If I go into a

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    delivered to me orally by Mr Murdstone and begins If I go into a

    Creakle’s money With a good deal more of that sort, which I

    plume themselves on their gentility there, I can tell you, if that’s

    Sunday comes round, and I file into the old pew first, like a

    ‘To what, ma’am?’

    a tyrant to the simple baby, and you broke her heart She was a

    not be accused of presumption in terming—a spring The present

    mustn’t do it!’

    had gone to move my box to Tipp’s; and, bidding a last good night

    abrupt a departure, and almost feared I had displeased her; but

    My aunt and I had held many grave deliberations on the calling

    I remarked that my mother, though she smiled when Peggotty

    certain expression of face, as if his voice were behind his

    came to a very neat little cottage with cheerful bow-windows: in

    an answer in the air and were confident of its appearing presently

    said Traddles ‘It’s an admirable piece of workmanship—firm as a

    It was a genteel old-fashioned house, very quiet and orderly

    as if my apprehensions were breaking out into buds When I

    and blacking were among his books—on the top shelf, behind a

    trousers seemed to button all the way up outside his legs from his

    get that done immediately—it really must be done immediately!

    ordered into school in the afternoon, and set some lighter tasks

    each other I cannot leave him even now, without remembering

    else!—“If you please, I am steadier now, and I have thought better

    ‘I have not the least desire or intention to distinguish myself in

    that when I knocked at it, with my new school-books under my

    covering as carefully as he had removed it

    ‘I say! Peggotty! She can’t live by herself, you know’


    Copyright delivered to me orally by Mr Murdstone and begins If I go into a