found my mother looking anxious Miss Murdstone looking firm

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    found my mother looking anxious Miss Murdstone looking firm

    ‘Oh, Trot, Trot! And so you fancy yourself in love! Do you?’

    ‘On the life before you, do you mean?’ He had pointed

    Mr Omer, touching me with his pipe, ‘it ain’t likely that a man so

    best of my knowledge, it was three days before he showed himself

    it was’

    ‘Mr Copperfield and Dora,’ said Miss Mills, with an almost

    No, I replied with the profoundest respect; nor from him

    Chillip, and I When we go out to the door, the Bearers and their

    Murdstone, from Bloonderstone, Sooffolk, but owning to the name

    on one side for any mortal creature How exceedingly miserable I

    ‘And what does she say, requiring consideration?’

    Mr Wickfield, now Agnes, now the excellence of Mr Wickfield,

    I don't like her qiruoyousi, he don't dare to say one word, she immediately qijueshenwang.

    Steerforth, much to my confusion:

    We had had some biscuit and dried fish for supper, and Steerforth

    Mills was conversational for a few minutes, and then, laying down

    Here I sit at the desk again, watching his eye—humbly

    myself If he had retorted or openly exasperated me, it would have

    As to Mrs Gummidge, if I were to endeavour to describe how

    ‘It appears to be her native part of the country, sir She informs

    David Copperfield

    nightcap, which was of a smarter construction than usual (‘in case

    had a custom of carving their names It was completely covered

    hand on my shoulder; ‘you have not found any suitable provision

    with a view of the river, a singularly desirable, and compact set of



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